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Multi-Manufacturer Product Synergies

Having product application knowledge across multiple manufacturers provides valuable synergies.

Harmonizing California Title 24 with Your Design

Providing product selection guidance to address the California Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards.

Continuing Education

Multi-manufacturer CEU presentations are a valuable way to gain integrated technical knowledge.

Tailored Communications

You choose the type of information you want and you won't see the rest.

Laurenco Waterproofing joins the Product Offering March 2019


I am very pleased to now have Laurenco Waterproofing as part of the Commercial Product offering.


Fire Resistance & Exterior Cladding


Designing buildings to be safe for occupants has alwasys been a priority for Architects, Engineers and Designers the world over.  We are starting to see a reoccuring theme however, specifically when faced with combustible materials continuing to be used as part of Building Envelope facade systems. This I find personally troubling since there are now solid solutions to solve the hightened ...


Multi-credit CEU Lunch & Learns


CEU Attendees Receive: • The latest Continuing Education Unit (CEU) AIA accreditation courses • Tailored CEUs to suit individual & group schedules • Receive one or more AIA credits in a day • Understand the interrelationships and synergies of product applications


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It's about more than just selling. Helping Consultants, Engineers and Designers make the right product selections.

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