Identified by flat tiles and overlapping seams, elZinc America flatlock panels, created in collaboration with one of our fabrication partners, allow latitude in design capabilities by utilizing various sized tiles and manipulating the layout of seam lines. They can be arranged horizontally, vertically, and diagonally along a facade or roof structure.

Main Features

  • Installed horizontally or vertically
  • elZinc America flatlock panels can come in 4 different shapes (Rectangular, Diamond, Square, Rhomboid)
  • Perfect for curvilinear surfaces
  • Hook-in-seam method can be employed
  • Little or no maintenance


elZinc America, working with a fabricator, provides Standing Seam Panel Systems with the installer option to create a Double Lock or Angle Lock profile. The angled seam configuration of these systems provide strong, linear shadows.

Standing Seam Panel Systems offer a variety of panel lengths and widths making it possible to achieve even the most complicated, visionary design.

Main Features

  • Installed horizontally, vertically and diagonally
  • Can be used in most building types
  • Consisten forming of panel edges & closing seams
  • Profile provides maximum hold-strength
  • Panel tapering and curving can meet any radius design needs


Larson & elZinc composite material is a high quality wall cladding material, providing long-term performance and flexibility of design for the most demanding of projects.

It consists of two elZinc sheets continuously bonded to a ridged core made of either low-density polyethylene (PE) or of mineral filled Fire Rertardant resin (FR) to provide flatness and lightness. The FR core material is defined as providing very little contribution to a fire by US standards (ASTM, E84, NFPA285)  fire classification.

The advanced production process ensures excellent bonding, achieving twice the recommended determination values.

Main Advantages

  • Excellent formability
  • Outstanding strength-to-weight ratio
  • Excellent flatness


Main Applications

  • Construction of ventilated, semi-ventilated and airtight facades
  • Renovation of facades
  • Rainwater products manufacturing
  • Large format



A Technological product specially designed for industrial applications which demand a greater capacity of drawing, elZinc for Ornamentation and Deep Drawing is made to measure or custom manufactured according to its end-use and / or its production methods.

Depending on the particular features required, elZinc for Ornamentation and Drawing will be able to fulfill the requirements specified by standard EN988 and ASTM-B69-13.

Main Applications

  • Ornamentation
  • Accessories for rainwater damage


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